Claw Hammers

16oz decorated claw hammer

16oz decorated claw hammer
The head weighs in at 16oz. This is a good weight for finish carpentry work. I made these claws more straight than a traditional finish hammer though. The face is generously crowned to hit dead on every time, as well as not leave any corner/edge marks, should there be an errant blow.

It is hung on an octagonal 15” handle. It has been flame blackened and oiled to better seal it. After torching the handle a very small split developed near the bottom from the heat. It was so small that instead of scrapping the handle I glued the joint, and also drilled, glued and pressed in a dowel to strengthen it. At this point, the dowel is nearly invisible, and it is now the strongest part of the handle. This handle has a fancy layered hardwood wedge of alternating species of wood; cherry and walnut.

The decoration work on the head is established cold, then worked at low red heats for more depth. The design is chased in with small chisels and beveling tools.
$ 450.00