About Us

Specializing in hand forged hammers, tools, and sundries for craft and industry. Also offering used blacksmithing equipment.  

Cergol Tool & Forgeworks was founded in Milwaukee, WI by Aaron Cergol; a blacksmith with a passion for traditional handcrafts. Paired with a love of forging, and an appreciation for well made tools, a company was built. The company is founded on a standard of quality that can only be met by employing traditional methods of manufacture, and crafting each piece by hand. Everything that leaves the shop has been hand forged by a skilled craftsperson, as well as any accompanying leather, or wood work. 

Tools should be as beautiful as they are functional; and we believe our products can attest to that. In an age where mass produced goods rule the market, it's time to use tools that are well made and thought out, and more importantly, designed for what they were made to do- work. We produce tools that are handmade 100% in the USA.