2.5 pound decorated bladesmiths hammer

2.5 pound decorated bladesmiths hammer

Weighing in at 2.75 pounds, this bladesmiths hammer has some decoration to spruce it up a bit.

The decoration work was established cold and then worked in at low red heats for more depth. It carries an antiqued finish.

The flat face is generously crowned. This hammer I put only a very small 'poll' on, so it's more forward heavy, making it a very aggressive hammer for forge work. The bronze temper colors have been left on the face. 

Hung on a 15.5" hickory handle that is 1/2 octagonal transitioning to oval at the bottom of the handle. The bottom half has been flame blackened and oiled to better seal it. It has a purpleheart wedge in the eye. 

$ 575.00