368# Anvil

December 11, 2016 Aaron Cergol

  338 pound coach makers anvil.

So called for the small "horn" that protrudes from the side. This was used to forge small brackets that held the axle to the underside of the buggy. Other than that, it does not differ than a normal "London pattern". It has one hardie hole, and two pritchel holes-which is quite typical to see on the coach makers pattern.

This anvil has a clean and flat face with good rebound. There are two faint lines on the face-from one edge to the other. These are where the steel face of the anvil was forge welded-in multiple pieces to the wrought iron body of the anvil. This is quite typical with larger (and older) forged English anvils. The edges are quite clean, crisp and useable with little to no major chipping. I have not found any marks of a name yet.


Please email us if you are interested in purchasing this anvil, for further pictures, and a shipping quote. This anvil ships via freight.