624 pound Bohemian pattern

624 pound Bohemian pattern

Here is one beast of an anvil. Weighing in at 624 pounds, this brute will take everything you can throw at it and more. It's extra wide face is overall quite clean, with only light marks on it. The edges are crisp and useable. The hardie hole is currently plugged, but could easily be remedied. There is some paint on this anvil. It has the unusual feature of having both "church windows" and an upset block as well. A very versatile anvil 

This anvil was forged circa 1880-1890's. It is ready for work, and to be the centerpiece of your shop. This style of anvil has mass where it's needed-under the face and hardie hole. It is excellent for heavy striking work. 


Continental USA shipping is included in the purchase price ONLY if shipped to a commercial location with forklifts, or to a carrier terminal where it would then be picked up by the buyer. If you want the anvil delivered to a residential location, or need a liftgate service shipping charges will apply, and will be charged AFTER the anvil is bought and paid for. Shipping will be arranged after the anvil is purchased. Ship to zip code/address (if commercial), contact info, etc will then be taken. 

$ 3,575.00