5 pound rounding hammer

5 pound rounding hammer

5 pound rounding hammer

Hand forged from 1045 steel. The eye has been hot punched and then drifted with a tapered oval drift from both sides to create the all important "hourglass" shape in the eye. This helps the hammer better stay affixed to the handle in hard use. The shoulders have been set in with set hammers. It has been differentially heat treated; so that the faces are hard and the body is softer. It is made to withstand hard daily use.  

The rounding face is a proper "squashed ball" radius. This face is good for very aggressive forging, texturing, drawing, or dishing. It is also excellent for driving chisels, punches, and drifts with. The flat face is gently crowned as to not leave marks when doing cleanup work. This is an all around excellent forging hammer for heavier work, or for heavy punch/drift work. 

The stout handle is American hickory. It has been lightly burned and oiled to seal it. There is one wood wedge in the eye, and one round metal wedge to secure everything. 

$ 185.00