410lb German Cutlers

410lb German Cutlers

Weighing in at 410 pounds, this German anvil was likely an anvil made for production work, possibly a cutler or a toolmaker. The extra wide and robust base translate to so very much support under the face. This 410 pound anvil has as much support as some 600 or 700 pound anvils due to it's wide base. The dovetail slot was used to insert and wedge specialty tooling securely. It's two hardie holes were used to hold multiple tools so the need to change them out would not need to occur. 

It has excellent rebound. The face is clean and flat with minimal wear or saddle. The edges are clean and ready for work. This would be an ideal anvil for a tool maker, or anyone doing heavier striking work or production oriented work. 



Continental USA shipping is included in the purchase price ONLY if shipped to a commercial location with forklifts, or to a carrier terminal where it would then be picked up by the buyer. If the anvil is to be delivered to a residential location, or need a liftgate service shipping charges will apply, and will be charged AFTER the anvil is bought and paid for. We will arrange shipping details after purchase. 

$ 2,200.00