203 pound Sawyers anvil

203 pound Sawyers anvil

203 pound forged Sawyers anvil. So called a “Sawyers pattern” or “Saw makers pattern”. Though the name may suggest otherwise, saws were not made on these anvils, but rather tensioned and tuned. The intention being to make the blade run true and accommodate for any stress on the blade running at very high RPM’s. Tensioning the blade involves thinning and/or stretching it in very select areas. Specialized hammers were used for this; A heavily offset hammer with a slightly convex round face, a straight/cross pein combo hammer with quite flat peins, and a double diagonal pein hammer-the peins being 45 degrees from the handle. Some Sawyers anvils have a flat face, while others have a gentle crown.


Forged in England, circa 1890-1910. Perfect edges with their factory ground edges. The face is  clean, and gently crowned. Only some light pitting is visible. The rebound is off the charts good.The face measures 10 1/4” X 6 1/8”. The anvil is 10 1/2” tall


Besides the obvious use of tensioning saw blades, these anvils have been very popular amongst blade smiths. The large flat face is perfect for heavy forging of blades, and the radiuses edges good for beveling the edge. These anvils also make excellent anvils for striking and any other heavy work as they are so well supported in the base, though they do lack a hardie hole. Beyond that, the large flat face allows ample real estate for coppersmiths and other non ferrous metal workers.



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$ 1,450.00