Forging Hammers

1 pound decorated cross pein

1 pound decorated cross pein

1 pound decorated cross pein hammer. 1.25 pounds total. The flat face is gently crowned, the cross pein is also gently crowned from side to side. Hung on a slender and short 9.75" hickory handle. The handle is 1/2 octagonal cross section 1/2 oval. It has been flame blackened and oiled to better seal it. 

Because of it's small handle size, this hammer would make an excellent chasing hammer, or a smaller forging hammer. I made this hammer with slightly higher polished faces for non ferrous work in mind. 

 The decoration work has been done both hot, and cold with chisels, beveling tools, and punches. Forged from 1045 it has been heat treated and tempered to a "bronze" for daily use. 

$ 410.00