Anvils (full size)

453lb Single Bick German

453lb Single Bick German

Forged in Germany circa 1900-1920 this 453 pounder is in truly beautiful condition. The face is perfectly clean and flat with off the charts great rebound. The edges all retain their factory edge chamfer, as does the hardie hole. The hardie hole is plugged, but could be drilled or hammer out by the new owner. This anvil has all the mass where it's needed, especially for heavy striking work. The horn is of true conical form, and is also exceptionally clean. Overall this anvil is one of the cleaner anvils we have had over the years. 



Continental USA shipping is included in the purchase price ONLY if shipped to a commercial location with forklifts, or to a carrier terminal where it would then be picked up by the buyer. If the anvil is to be delivered to a residential location, or need a liftgate service shipping charges will apply, and will be charged AFTER the anvil is bought and paid for. We will arrange shipping details after purchase. 

$ 2,650.00