2.5 pound decorated rounding hammer

2.5 pound decorated rounding hammer

2.8 pound decorated rounding hammer

All of the shapes and lines of this hammer have been forged in with striker and director. The shoulders have been set in with butchers, and set hammers. 

The designs on the head itself have been chased in by means of small chisels, punches, and stamps. By using chisels of different line "weights" (or thickness) it creates a bit more visual interest. Also, by creating slightly different depths by beveling some lines, a bit more dimension is added. When lightly buffed it leaves the recesses dark from the forge and the raised areas more polished; it really creates a striking finish to make the work pop.

The flat face is gently crowned to not leave corner marks. The rounding face is of a "squashed ball" radius.

The handle is hand made from hickory. It has been fashioned iso that the bottom half is an oval cross section, transitioning to octagonal. It carries an antiqued red finish. Overall length is 15".

$ 375.00